About me

Hi (again)! I am Theocharis (Haris) Dimitriou, born, raised and living in the beautiful Thessaloniki, in Greece.

I am a software engineer with over 15 years of experience in software systems implementations, having built various commercial enterprise systems for health, S.M.E.s, education, industry and culture and web APIs for fast pacing startups.

I have a degree in Applied Informatics from University of Macedonia. I worked as a Delphi, Oracle Forms, Java and .Net developer before falling in love with Ruby and recently with Python :-)

When I'm not writing code or taking care of my family, I will be probably trying to work wood or speaking about (not only) Ruby and Python in the local meetups. I have just started to play around with Raspberry Pi and electronics.

You can contact me via Twitter or email, you can find my full cv at LinkedIn and view my code/projects on Github.